The every day mood tool for doctors and patients

The MiMood™ app deals exactly with what it implies, your mood. It is completed in 4 easy steps. MiMood™ was developed in conjunction with psychiatrists for the sole purpose of helping you and your doctor to manage your condition more successfully.

Developed by psychiatrists

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  • Easy Steps

    MiMood™ is completed in 4 easy steps:

    • Step 1 - My Mood
    • Step 2 - Sleep
    • Step 3 - Anxiety & Irritability
    • Step 4 - Medication
  • Flexible & realtime reporting

  • Reminders

    MiMood™ reminds patients to complete the app every day. It even includes reminders for patients to take their medication.

  • No Admin

    MiMood™ has been specifically designed to minimise admin for both patient and doctor (except for the occasional click of a button)


“Completing the questions on the MiMood™ app is simple, and will take you just a few seconds every day, but may help you to change your life.” Prof. PP Oosthuizen (Psychiatrist)

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