Cipla MiMood introduction by Prof. PP Oosthuizen (Psychiatrist)

Benefits for my doctor

When you and your doctor meet for a session, it is of great importance to provide a detailed report of the changes in your mood since the last meeting. Experience has shown that we are not particularly good at recalling mood states over extended periods of time. Therefore, keeping a mood diary can be an incredibly valuable tool to help you and your doctor monitor and plan your treatment. This is particularly
true at times when you are not doing well. Keeping a mood diary removes the extra pressure of trying
to remember the exact course of your mood in detail.

Furthermore, patterns may emerge, helping your doctor to fine-tune your treatment to better control your condition.

Benefits for me

MiMood™ can help you understand yourself, notice what affects you, and plan your daily activities better. Completing MiMood™ will help you to identify early warning signs, including unusual “highs”, sleeplessness or recurring depression. Understanding how aspects of daily life, such as sleep patterns and stressful situations can affect your mood, will enable you to manage your condition better.

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